Zompocalypse Episode One

Zompocalypse Episode One 1.5

Zompocalypse Episode One brings 2D shooters back in the frame
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Zompocalypse Episode One is a 2D action game developed by ToadtripGames. The game was developed using GarageGame's Torque Game Builder. This game will feel incredibly familiar if you have ever played Metal Slug, and no wonder: the developers were inspired by Metal Slug when creating this game; they just added a bunch of flesh-eating zombies. These zombies are lead by the Zombie Pope of Harlem.

When starting the game you can choose to play alone, or in cooperative mode, selecting either Sgt. Chuck McPain or Captain John Smackdown. Once you select your character you are dropped in an urban environment where zombies will start popping out from everywhere, and your job is to eliminate them.

The controls are very simple, and the game runs very smoothly even when the screen is clogged up with zombies. With six weapons to choose from, you will have fun fighting the hordes of zombies alone or with your best buddy. As with other indie games, this one is not without its minor glitches, but they will not stop you from having fun while playing. This game is definitely for 2D action fans.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Nice 2D action
  • Smooth and simple


  • Minor bugs in the game
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